Fake Friends

When you were down they were never there
When youre all alone you really get to learn
If you get back up they gonna come around
All the sycophants they love to make romance
To the ugly sound of em tellin you what you
Wanna hear an you pretend

Cuz they all agree youre supposed to have a better life
But youre feelin worse
An they build you up till you fool yourself that youre
Something else an its like a curse cause
You cant live up to what they made of you
An they tell you that youre losin friends

Ya go an tell em you were king of the hill
When ya need a hand - that was yesterday
Ya see em laugh while youre on your knees
An it breaks your heart cuz ya gave so much
An ya cant believe that ya hit the gound an
Ya notice ya been losin friends

Losin friends, losin friends
Ya got nothin to lose
Ya dont lose when you lose fake friends

Dua in Satu

"jangan lah nak menggila kat sini!"

bodoh, dah bodoh bodoh je la. aku tak cakap pun aku hebat apa sume. aku tak cakap pun aku pandai macam KAU. bodoh. bodoh. bodoh.

"terdesak? mampus kau!"

kesah lagi haa cite dia. aku tak terdesak la nak kawan dengan kau. kau nak carik carik aku pahal? rindu? tiap tiap hari dah jumpa pun rindu? pegi mampos daaa~ 

"usik la, usik!"

haa, usik usik. nak sangat usik. usik je la. aku tak usik kau. so kau tak payah nak usik sangat la apa yang aku nak usik. apa pun tak dapat eh cite dia. usik usik usikk, usikkkk !!

*tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau mati ;))